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Real Authentic Sound, internationally known as RAS Records, has that unique 20/20 vision, celebrating over 20 years of experience in the Reggae business with over 300 releases. RAS Records has always been devoted to bringing world listeners the best in positive reggae music. A goal of RAS, and perhaps its mission has always been to spread the music and relay its message to as many people as possible. RAS has accomplished this mission with licensing deals all around the world, including Korea, Nigeria, Japan, Holland, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and even the Fiji Islands. RAS has always been a worldwide distributor for many reggae labels, and since its existence has always been a reputable and respected source for reggae music.

RAS Records was started in 1979 through the mind of Doctor Dread. During his many trips to Jamaica, Doctor Dread began to build a solid relationship with the people and artists of Jamaica. There, he developed a devotion to spread the message of Rastafari and to share the rich Jamaican culture with music lovers worldwide. These experiences helped establish RAS as one of the early torch bearers of reggae. Quickly outgrowing the basement of his home where RAS began, Doctor Dread's vision grew by leaps and bounds to become the prominent distributor of reggae in America. In the early 80s, the RAS label made significant developments in reggae by signing such acts as Black Uhuru, Don Carlos, Inner Circle, Culture, Junior Reid, Yellowman, J.C. Lodge and Freddie McGregor. In 1988, RAS became the force that reunited Israel Vibration, who, to this day, are a major force in reggae music. Sponsoring tours of RAS artists across America in the early 80s, RAS helped to establish a strong and positive bond between Jamaica and the USA.

RAS has always been interested in exploring the positive aspects of the music and culture of Jamaica. Recordings such as the Rastafari Elders (wherein the true message of Rastafari is revealed through oration and chanting), to the two Dean Plays Bob interpretations of reggae great Bob Marley's works, to the critically acclaimed best sellers that put children's reggae on the map, Reggae For Kids and More Reggae For Kids, to Reggae From Around the World showing reggae's international influence, and the Bob Marley Interview disc, So Much Things to Say, RAS has shown a diversity and an innovation in reggae which is totally unique. In these times where dancehall has dominated the reggae scene, RAS has come forth with positive proponents of dancehall styles in the likes of Luciano, Sizzla, Tiger and Tony Rebel. Never one to be a follower, RAS has always looked to new ways to bring the music to more people and to expand the music's boundaries.

RAS has been nominated for numerous Grammy awards over the years, and in 1996, were the proud recipient of the award for Bunny Wailer's 1996 tribute, Hall of Fame: A Tribute to Bob Marley's 50th Anniversary.

For 20 years, RAS has set the trends with the first releases by Sizzla, Luciano, the Mystic Revealers, Brigadier Jerry, Tiger and Yvad. The standards that have been set by RAS are not only going to be followed in years to come, but they are standards which are constantly growing and representing the best of what reggae has to offer.

RAS Records -
a connection to the past and a bridge into the future.

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